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Introducing the most caring Iron Therapy, Fe-Run Gold is POWERFUL Iron Tonic, packed with best quality ingredients to nourish the Red Blood Cells. With multiple essential benefits for brain and the body, in the Mix-Fruit Flavour, it truly takes your health to next level!


Passing through stringent product decisions, getting the best efficacy medicines to our Customers!


Working through best-in-class partners to bring the latest innovation and newest research products to our Customers!


Medillios is an organisation with a Cause. We have a huge vision of simplifying the cluttered industry and bring the best to our customers that they deserve.

We're on a Mission

Medillios is on a passionate mission, and monumental vision. We envision to increase the lifespan of people by 10 years, with a specific focus on Tier-2 Cities and rural India.

With the ambitious goal and clear thought-works arising from our diverse advisors, Medillios has mammoth plans of executions. With diseases-prevention and medicines being the primary line of defence by the Healthcare Industry,  Medillios is set on to simplify the cluttered pharma industry and slowly expand vertically and horizontally increase the scope of work to achieve the mission and vision.

Customers should always get the best, because that is what they deserve!

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IMPORTANT : If anyone is using Medillios Brandname irresponsibly, or you've any small/big complains about anyone associated with Medillios Brand in any state of India, please bring it to our notice at the earliest. Our clear priority is best for the customers.